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Back Together Again

Together again!

Together again!

They haven’t gone to the same school for a few years.  Thing 1 was age  four and Thing 2 was age two and they were both in pre-school at the time.  Both sisters have been waiting for this day for two years and it finally came today.  I tried to stay out of their way and let them have their fun, they giggled a lot and talked and planned.  Big Sissy gave advice to Little Sissy, who promptly tossed it aside and decided to do things her way (My girl!).  There were no tears and once they reunited after school it was non-stop talking and comparing notes.  I listened, asked a few questions but, mostly listened.  I learned a few things like:

  • The first day of gym is boring because all you do is listen to the rules about playing gym.  It’s gym…who needs rules in gym?
  • Thing 1 saw at least three – yes! three! – One Direction back packs and A LOT of One Direction t-shirts being worn by girls her age.  This means that Mommy (that would be yours truly) obviously doesn’t know that it is in fact NOT inappropriate for young girls to have One Direction on their clothes and backpacks!  I stand corrected.
  • Since we are talking about backpacks, apparently Teen Beach Movie is the most popular backpack in school and Mommy (again, that would be me) should have known that and bought each of them a Teen Beach Movie backpack!  I am so lame.
  • Apparently, there is a kindergarten boy who comes after you and actually…SQUEEZES…YOU…TO…DEATH! Thing 2 got this from a very reliable source, another kindergartener who said that it had happened to her last year (gasp)! Obviously, this is questionable since the child is alive to tell about it.
  • Lunch was definitely the coolest thing that happened all day!

Notice that there was no mention of their teachers or any actual work being done?  I did and I inquired but, I was met with blank stares.  Never mind. I must admit that my favorite part of the day was watching them just be happy being together.  Any parent of siblings as close together as 18 months can tell you that these happy tranquil scenes are often far and few between.  I missed them while they were both gone today.  I have to admit that it’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s a good thing.

Life According to the Dynamic Duo



I’m sorry, but this is probably not going to take very long because I have been a bit out of sorts since I woke up this morning.  Sounds kinda odd, I know, since I had been preparing and counting down the days until the end of school.  However, this morning my alarm didn’t go off, because my cell phone was dead, because there is something wrong with my charger (yet again).  You know how you wake up and jump out of bed thinking that it must be noon and you have missed everything?!  But, it was only 6:44 a.m. and of course I hadn’t missed anything because there was nothing to miss because school is over.  By then it didn’t really matter what time it was or what was, or wasn’t going on because I was wide awake.  Thankfully, the girls weren’t so I did manage to have a few moments to myself but, the rest of my day was never completely quite right.

The good news is that I did manage to fit in everything I had on our agenda.  Thank you, thank you very much! I will take all of the credit when I can because I guarantee that it will not happen every day.  Of course, this is Day #1 so, If I couldn’t manage to pull it off today, then I’d say that things would be looking pretty bad for the next 12 weeks.

However, I do want to share with you portions of a conversation that I had with my daughters today.  For some unknown reason, they asked me what I thought about “life”.  I have no idea what brought this on except that every once in a while they try to get deep on me and it always turns out to be one of the funniest conversations in recent memory.  This was not exception.

“What do you mean ‘What do I think about life?’ ” I asked.

“Oh, you know,” answered Thing 1, “Are you happy?  What is your favorite thing to do? Who are your favorite people?”

“I’m very happy.  My favorite thing to do is being with you, which means that my favorite people are the two of you.”

At this point Thing 2 looked at Thing 1 and said , “I told you she liked us more than she likes Daddy!”

Then I decided to turn the tables on them and ask my own questions that led to these responses:

On being a pirate – “If I were a pirate I would be a Fashion Pirate.  I would wear black pirate boots and a shirt with a silver glittery peace sign.  I would wear all the shoes, but no eye patch!”   Thing 1, age 6

On being the President of the United States – “I would never want to be the President because you have to be a grown up and I don’t want to be a grown up.  I mean, I will be a grown up if I have to but, it doesn’t seem like much fun so I think I’ll grow up to be only 12 (years  old). 12 sounds good.”  Thing 2, age 5

On boys – ” I don’t understand what the big deal is?  They fart a lot and they’re really annoying.”

“And they stink!”

“Yes!  They smell like sweat and feet!”   Things 1 & 2

On living in Texas –  “It’s really, really hot.  But then you get to swim A LOT! LIKE EVERY DAY! So, I guess it’s not so bad. Plus, when we get tired of it we can tell Daddy that it’s time to go.”  Thing 2

and finally,

On being sisters  – “When you’re with your sister and you’re together it’s like being super heroes.”

“Yeah! ‘Cause when we’re together we’re like twice as good as we are when it’s just one of us.”

“Yeah! Like, we’re unstoppable!
Strike super hero pose and exit stage left.