untitled-13    Welcome to My So Called Glamorous Life!  I’m Lisa and well, my life isn’t really very glamorous but, it’s mine and I’ll take it.  I am a wife to a great guy and a mother to five amazing kids that range from elementary school to college.  I am a recent transplant from Illinois to the State of Texas, and while Texans are a friendly lot, I am a Midwestern girl at heart, always dreaming of “Sweet Home Chicago”.  Originally this blog was intended to be a way for me to vent during my transition but, it has become much more than that. I’d say that it’s my creative outlet.  I love the way that through words, the mundane things of life can evolve into something much more flavorful. Or, how I can tell a story of an occurrence that, at the moment, felt like I was the only person who had ever experienced it, only to have someone who I’ve never met totally get me.

Speaking of flavor, I love food.  No, really! I love to cook it, eat it  and talk about it. I read cookbooks like most people read novels and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Baking is where my heart is and I love sharing my passion with others.

What else should you probably know about me? I’m passionate about my family and my friends.  I love the arts – dance, music, theater, whatever it doesn’t matter because I love it all.  I’m a sucker for a chick flick but, I also love to laugh, particularly at myself.  Oddly enough, I’m also a news junkie! I like to keep up with current events and politics.  Blame it on my parents because in their house if you couldn’t talk politics or social issues, you didn’t get much face time.  Just kidding (not really)! Rest assured that most of my posts will be light, because this blog is mostly about my life and there’s not a lot of drama here, or at least drama that I’d like to air in public.  However, every once in a while a serious topic will cross my radar that I feel I must address, so please indulge me.  After all, I think most of us are multi-faceted.

There!  I think that’s it in a nutshell.  I’m so glad that you have decided to join me.  I love to hear from you so please feel free to comment, ask questions or just hit “like”.  Notice, I didn’t say that you could say anything mean to me.  Actually, I don’t mind differing views but, please remain respectful.   And, if you find that you just can’t get enough, hit the “Follow” button and you can get a dose of me in your email inbox every time that I post.  Whoot!  That sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Okay, that’s enough small talk.  Grab a cup of  coffee, tea or what ever your drink of choice is and let’s have some fun!

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