I know what’s going on in Baltimore is sad,and frightening to some of us, but to others it is sad yet not surprising. It is also not the whole story. These words from my friend Lane Buckman are indicative of a part of our culture gone wrong. A place where all of our cries for justice should be and must be heard.

The Outside Lane

Back in 1998, I was arrested on the side of a highway for an outstanding warrant having to do with an expired registration.  I had gotten the original ticket five years prior, had taken care of the registration, and forgotten about the ticket.  One Friday night, I came home from work to a letter informing me of the warrant.  I put it in my purse, fully intending to take care of the situation on Monday.  The very next day, I cruised through a yellow light, trying to turn onto the highway to get to an appointment with some friends, when a siren burped out a warning.

I was already on the entrance ramp to the highway, so I had to pull over into the emergency lane, where I prepared to comply with the police officer.

Normally, I tell this story for laughs.  There is humor in the horror of it…

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