For When You Feel Like You Are Falling Apart

For When You Feel Like You Are Falling Apart

Dena is a gifted and inspirational writer. Lately, I have been feeling the weight of my every day life, quite heavily. You know, nothing in particular, but just everything. This post helped me to put it all into perspective. I hope that you enjoy it.

dena douglas hobbs

This has been one of those weeks where I’ve felt a bit like I’m coming apart. Mainly because I’ve been struggling with my yearly grass pollen induced sinus infection. Add to that a handful of ongoing middle aged maladies that I’ve accumulated in the past couple of years and my once strong, healthy self seems to be unravelling around me.

Now I know this is dramatic. Illness seems to have that effect on me.

But there are times when we truly do feel as if we are falling apart.

When a parent dies.

Or the marriage breaks up.

Or the test results come back and the news is so, so bad.

Maybe it is not even something obvious. The hardships of life can build up and take their toll until the combined effect is enough to have us coming apart at the seams.

In these moments we can feel as…

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