Recipe Wednesday: Mixed Berry Pie


Hello Friends! I originally posted this recipe around this time last year. Recently, I was discussing Mixed Berry Pie with a new friend when I told her about this amazing recipe. She requested that I re-post it for her so, here it is. Enjoy! 🙂

My So Called Glamorous Life

I have been so excited about this recipe post!  And rightfully so, for a number of reasons,  the least of which is that this dessert is really yummy.  But then there is the fact that Big Poppa announced that he was not going to like this particular pie because it was not his kind of thing.  First of all, he doesn’t like fruit pies and; second, he’s more of a cake person.  I paid him no attention because it was Mother’s Day and I got to make whatever I wanted for me, not him.  Then there is the fact that I am a lover of Mixed Berry Pie.  There is this restaurant back home that serves an excellent version of this pie and I have been trying for years to duplicate it.  I failed.  Repeatedly.  The texture was wrong, then the flavor was wrong – usually too tart.  I just…

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