Still afraid of the dark


Tara Joyner Haussler, who blogs over at I Might Need a Nap wrote this beautiful post about the need for us to see further than our own fears and insecurities in order to help humanity.

234 Nigerian school girls are missing. Gone. Reportedly taken by a terrorist group that is opposed to educating women. Taken and reportedly sold into “marriage” (slavery). Parents want their daughters back and those of us who are unaffected want to turn our heads. Please don’t turn away. These parents missing their children deserve the support of the Nigerian government and those of us around the world who know the love of a daughter. #bringourgirlsback

I Might Need A Nap

Growing up I was afraid of the dark.

It was bad.

If it was my turn to feed the cats after dark, I was a nervous wreck, certain that someONE or someTHING was out there waiting to “get” me.  Even the flashlight did not ease my worries.  As I got a little older I grew to appreciate the moon and stars and enjoyed gazing, but I still didn’t venture too far from the back stoop, within an easy dash to safety.  And my Daddy, whom I was sure could take care of anything that came along.

So it was ironic that I roomed with my sister who loved the dark.  We’re talking pitch black.  If I even tried reading with a flashlight under the covers, she was not happy.  I could not relax in the dark enough to go to sleep, so I would beg her to let me leave the…

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