My Happy Place

My Happy Place

My Happy Place


Recently, I planted some Star Jasmine (also known as Confederate Jasmine) in the flowerbeds around our patio.  Summer’s quickly approaching and between the rising humidity and the crosswind, you can smell their fragrance as soon as you open the back door. It’s simply glorious.  Next to tulips (yellow, please!), Star Jasmine is probably my favorite. They are a hardy plant that can stand a wide range of cold to hot weather.   Yet, their blooms are so pretty and delicate. Kind of like women – pleasing to the eye and seemingly delicate, yet so very strong.

Some days I sit out back enjoying the jasmine for hours, sometimes with my morning coffee and other times talking on the phone.  It has become my favorite blogging spot and other moments I just enjoy the quiet.  It’s my happy place or, as one of my good friends called it: the chill spot.  Surprised?  You thought my happy place was Nordstrom or Home Goods didn’t you?   I’ll have you know that I’m full of surprises.  I’d rather be out doors among the flowers with the fresh air and sunshine. It’s good for me – my mind and my soul.

Where do you go to recharge and relax?  Tell me about your happy place?

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  1. It used to be looking out the window at or wondering around the field behind my parents’ house where I was raised. Now that they are gone and my sister is moving in–it’s still a good place–but I think that has changed. This past weekend I was reminded that my alma mater is where I can find home and peace and good things. My favorite is the tea olive, by the way. I hope Heaven smells like that.

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