A Prayer for Grown Ups


I may be a little quiet this week because it’s Spring Break and I’m spending some much needed down time with my family.  Big Poppa has promised me…PROMISED ME!!!… that there will be no phone conferences, emails to respond to or any other work distractions to attend to what so ever!  Trust me, if and when he breaks this promise, I will be tweeting about it.  So, I will be around, just maybe not as active over on my Facebook and Twitter accounts although, you may want to keep an eye out on my Instagram feed (http://instagram.com/mysocalledglamorouslife). Any time I’m with my kids for an extended length of time, silliness ensues.

In the mean time, I want to leave you with some thoughts from a conversation that I had this evening with my seven-ear-old.  Children have the most amazing ability of cutting through all of the messiness of life and getting straight to the core of the issue.

Thing 1: “Why are there orphans?”

Me:  “Well, because some children’s parents are dead or for whatever reason can’t take care of them.”

Thing 1: “Like what reason that they can’t take care of them?”

Me:  “Well, there are a number of reasons.  They may have problems with drugs or alcohol.  They may be in prison. They may suffer from mental illness.  There are lots of reasons.”

Thing 1:  “My friend told me that some parents just don’t want their kids anymore. Sometimes they beat them and then the police take them away to live with another family or to an orphanage.  Is that true?”

Me: “Unfortunately, yes, sometimes that is true.”

Thing 1:  Why do they not want them any more?”

Me:  “I don’t know.  I wish I could answer that.”

Thing 1: “Didn’t they know before they [the baby] were born if they wanted it or not?”

Me: “Well, I think it’s more complicated than that. I think sometimes grown ups really don’t know how much work it is to take care of children. Some grown ups, like Daddy and I, find it fun and wonderful, but some others aren’t quite ready for it.”

Thing 1: “So, then there are children who have no love.”

Me: “Yes, it’s sad but it’s true. But, we can pray that they find a family to love them.”

Thing 1: “And how about we pray for grown ups to be more responsible and to THINK before they have children.”

And there it is.

Those "Things" I love

Those “Things” I love

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