Love by Toni Morrison

Love by Toni Morrison

I think that I should tell you that I probably will never be able to NOT include a book by Toni Morrison in the Black History Month Book Parade.  Ms. Morrison is a masterful storyteller – really, an artist with words.  She is one of, if not my most favorite author and here she is again with this year’s selection, Love.

Love tells the story of the life and loves of Bill Cosey, the wealthy owner of the famous Cosey’s Hotel and Resort, “the best and best-known vacation spot for coloured folk on the East Coast”.  Founded during the depression, Cosey’s was a successful business, but after integration it fell by the wayside as more and more Blacks opted for other options such as Hilton’s, Hyatt’s and cruises for their vacation plans. Cosey, a driven and complicated man, is the center of the lives of five women as father, husband, lover, guardian and friend.  The novel explores the relationships not only between the women and Cosey, but also the resulting relationships between the women themselves, in some cases, almost forty years after his death. It delves into the reasons why we love, who we love and when love turns to hate.  Morrison’s narrative weaves story lines that span time and intricately intertwine characters throughout the novel.  This book is intended for high school to adult audiences.

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