In the Beginning…(The Dynamic Duo’s Pick for the Parade)

Creation, My Father Loves  Me, by J.D. Wise

Creation, My Father Loves Me, by J.D. Wise

“When you wake in the morning, remember your King,

Who loves you more than anything.

Stay close to His side. He’ll take care of you.

Because the great King is your father, too.”

Just like last year, I allowed my girls to select a book that they wanted to include in the Black History Month Book Parade and this is their pick for 2014. Creation, My Father Loves Me, by J.D. Wise is a wonderful retelling of the Bible’s creation story through the eyes of a boy hearing it from his father.  Although it is the familiar story of how God made day and night, sky and earth, man and animals, it is told from a different cultural perspective, being that of West Africa. He even uses the Adinkra language of West Africa on the dedication page to tell the story (I thought this was fun). There are colorful and imaginative illustrations to accompany the truly beautiful way in which the author tells the story. It’s family friendly and fun to read. This book quickly became one of my girls favorite bed time stories and comes highly recommended by Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and their parents)! 🙂

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