Everyone Loves a Parade


It’s here!!! It’s finally here!!! It’s February 1st , which means that it’s Black History Month;  which means that my Black History Month Book Parade begins today!  I have hand-picked a selection of books either written by African – American authors or that somehow pertain to the African-American experience to share with you over the next 28 days. There is something for everyone with selections ranging from pre-school to adult, fiction and non-fiction  and several books enjoyable for both boys and girls.


I had so much fun doing this last year ( look here for a recap of last year’s parade) and the response was truly overwhelming.  While there are fewer selections this year, I am hoping that we can reach more readers.  So, I need your help to spread the word.  Please share these posts with your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ friends and wherever else you can spread the word that we’ve got some really good stuff going on here on the blog.   I will be posting a new book every other day culminating with a giveaway after the last book has been posted.  Beginning at midnight on March 1st,  you can enter the name of the book from the parade that you would like to win (along with your name)  by clicking on the link to the 2014 Black History Month Book Parade in the side bar on the blog.   Entries will be taken through midnight on March 3rd and the winner will be announced right here on March 4th.

Most importantly, please remember that this book parade isn’t only for African – American families or parents of African – American children.  The African-American experience is a vital part of the tapestry of this country. These books are but a glimpse into one of the many sides of the American experience.  Our lives are woven together by shared experiences that although told from different perspectives, are indeed truly a part of all of us.  I own all of these books, they are a part of our family library and I hope that by sharing them with all of you, maybe we can learn more from each other than we could have ever imagined possible.

So, without further adieu… leading off the parade is…

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt, by Deborah Hopkinson and wonderfully illustrated by James Ransome.   Clara, born a slave, works in the Big House as a seamstress and dreams of being reunited with her mother who lives on another plantation.  As she’s working, she becomes aware of something called the Underground Railroad and sees how she can use her sewing talents in a most unlikely way to help plot her path back to her family and ultimately to freedom.  This work of historical fiction is a beautiful tribute to the creativity and resilience of the human spirit.  While suitable for ages 5 and up, personally I found it better suited to my seven – year – old.  This book was given to my daughters by my sister and we have read it many, many times together.  Love it!

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