The Fog


“…I believe a lot of our lives ares spent asleep and what I’ve been trying to do is hold on to those moments when a little spark cuts through the fog and nudges you,” – Canadian musician, Rufus Wainwright.


I need more than a spark to nudge me.  It may take a few sticks of dynamite to get this girl moving.  I have no idea what’s wrong with me.  Since the clock struck midnight on 2014  I’ve been doing nothing, but spinning my wheels.  Christmas decorations are still up not to mention (dare I admit it?) a couple of follow-up Christmas packages to be sent.  Maybe I should re-wrap them and make them Valentine’s gifts?  Surely the recipients  know that I love them, I’m just having trouble getting there.  It’s like I’m lost and wandering  in a fog. Obviously, and amazingly, no one else in my house has noticed because I’m “Mom”.  Talk to “Mom” and things get done and well, that’s all that really matters.  The “how” is for me to figure out.  

Do you ever feel this way?  What do you do to bring your life back into focus?  Unfortunately, this makes me very uncomfortable  because I’m one of those  people who likes to have her ducks in a row.  Scattered ducks bother me.   It’s not an ebb in my creativity as I have started several blog posts, but I have yet to finish one.  And when I do make an attempt to complete one, I hate the way it reads and I delete it.  It’s the fog.  I simply can not see anything clearly right now.    I know it will pass,  won’t it?  I just want to know when? 

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