Preparing for the New Arrival


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In those last weeks leading up to the birth of a new baby, every expectant mother spends more than a bit of time preparing for the birth of her baby.  She’s nesting.  Cleaning and painting the nursery, picking out the perfect decorating theme for the room and stocking up on all of the necessities.  I won’t talk about all of those things that I considered necessary that no one else did.  My favorite part was buying all of the tiny clothes and, oh…those shoes!  Babies really don’t need shoes because obviously, they can’t walk, but it’s my weakness.  Tiny nail clippers, pacifiers, body lotions and butt-rash potions!  I loved it all, every single time because it was all a part of preparing to bring home my new son or daughter.   Like you,  I had spent the majority of my pregnancy day dreaming about what kind of person I thought my child would be.  Would he love science and technology or lean more towards the arts.  Would she be tall or short? Would his or her talent lie in his athletic prowess or was he or she to be a great thinker.  Yes, I got very deep even before I had given birth.

This time of year, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, my mind always wanders back to his mother, Mary.  The circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and His birth were extraordinary, but I think that she and Joseph were probably very ordinary people.  Ordinary people of extraordinary faith.  I wonder what was going through her mind as she and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem?  Was she apprehensive or nervous?  Was she looking forward to kissing her baby’s little feet and staring into his eyes?  Was she at all frightened?  If so, it would be understandable.  After all, in addition to the back aches, constantly full bladder and swollen feet, her child was to save His people from their sins.  As much as I  like to think that every child that I’ve given birth to is something special (and of course they are because they are mine), Mary’s child was indeed very  special.

I doubt that either Mary or Joseph had any idea just how the birth of their son would affect mankind.  Yes, the angel told her that he was to be the savior, but there is no way that they could have grasped the enormity of that in its totality.  It’s probably better that way because no mother would want to know the weight that her son would carry.   Even if it was all part of God’s plan.  Very little is written about Mary after the birth of Jesus so, we really don’t know much about how she and Joseph managed as they raised their son.   However, we do know that Mary was obedient and joyfully served the Lord.  We know that whatever fears that she may have had as an expectant first time mother, she put her trust in God and moved forward in Him.  Kind of awesome, huh?

On behalf of Big Poppa and the Crew, we wish you and all of your loved ones a very merry and blessed Christmas.♥

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