Mommies Don’t Get Sick Days



This is going to be short and to the point.  You see, I am feeling a bit under the weather, so much so that right now, I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck, then it backed up and ran over me again.  However, I wanted to share this with you because it  made dragging myself around today feeling like death warmed over a little bit more pleasurable.

Last night, due to my worsening symptoms, I went to bed early and let Big Poppa handle bed time.  It was loud – something about a lizard – but it got done. This morning the Dynamic Duo came into my room, took one look at me and asked “Where’s Daddy?”

“At work.”

“Then who’s taking us to school?”

“I’m taking you to school.”  I think I heard one of them audibly gasp.


“Yes, I’m aware,” I said, “but Mommies don’t get sick days.”

“Why not?”

I paused and contemplated telling the truth. That life as they know it would come to a complete stop if I took to my bed and stayed there until I fully recuperated. There would be no snack in their backpacks.  No double-check to make sure that they had their library book on  library day.  No one would remind them that it’s Thursday so they should be wearing their class shirts.  No sweater tucked into their back pack (you know, just in case?).  No lunches made with a handwritten note declaring my love inside the lunch box.  Gym shoes on gym day?  Forget about it!  Papers signed? Checks sent in for various payments? Follow up notes to the teacher?  No, no and no!  And that’s just school.  With after school activities three or four days out of the week (don’t forget Saturdays!), I am the keeper of the schedule.  The only one with complete knowledge of what’s supposed to be happening, when it’s happening and where it will be happening.

Not to mention, who am I going to call if I take a sick day.  If I’m the Chief Operating Officer of this operation, who do I notify that I won’t be able to fulfill my duties?  Certainly not the Chief Executive Officer (that would be Bog Poppa) since he’s not really “in the trenches” if you know what I mean.  That’s my job.

I didn’t answer them.  I decided that it would be best to leave it alone, at least for now.  So this evening, when Thing 1 said “Mommy, why are you still up if you’re still sick?”,  my answer was the same “Because I still have things to get done and Mommies don’t get sick days.”

“But, why?”

“Because how could I give you my daily dose of love?”

She smiled and we hugged and I’m sure that I probably passed on my contagious virus to her.  Poor thing.

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