The Arrival

Snowflake, the Elf on the Shelf

Snowflake, the Elf on the Shelf

December 1, 2013

Dear Mom,

Well,  it’s that time of year again and my job has got me back on the road.  I arrived this afternoon, ate some Thanksgiving left overs (They. Ate. All. Of. The. Pie.) and caught a quick nap. Now, I’m relaxing and listening to some smooth jazz that this cool cat is throwing down.  My good friend, Barbie, is letting me crash at her townhouse while I’m here.  Should be fun – that girl loves to party!  Not to worry, I know how to handle myself.

I don’t think anyone knows I’m here yet, which is good because I like to observe things before I get thrown into the holiday madness.  They seem like nice people, but total SLACKERS!  No tree, no Christmas towels, no pine scented candles…nothing! I’ll give them a couple of days to fix this before I report it to Santa. I hope we’re not headed to another Christmas of coal. The last time that happened I got really dirty, broke a nail and the kids tried to feed me to the dog.  Not good.  At least I got reassigned to a family that doesn’t have any pets.  Anyway, I’ll be in touch soon!



P.S.  Are you planning on making Peppermint Bark this year?  I sure would love it if you do.

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