Friendship Rings

Friendship Rings

Friendship Rings

“A ring is round, it has no end, and that’s how long, I’ll be your friend.”  Remember that from when you were a kid?  That last time I said it was on my wedding day.  Big Poppa and I were standing out side of the church waiting to take pictures and when I looked down at our rings (we were holding hands), it was the first thing that came to mind.  I am quite certain that Big Poppa probably doesn’t remember that moment, but that’s okay because it was a pretty busy day…you know, since it was our wedding day and all.

Over the years, our rings have become as much of a symbol of our friendship as they are of our marriage.  In your lifetime a lot of relationships will come and go whether they be boyfriends or best friends or casual acquaintances.  Life is busy and complicated and sometimes we move on and leave people behind, both intentionally and unintentionally.  However, our most important relationships we hold on to come hell or high water and shouldn’t our marriages fall into that category?  Because the person that we choose to spend the majority of our time with, to share our bodies with, to raise children with, to expose our vulnerability to should be someone who we are willing to go through hell or high water with.  It really shouldn’t be easier to walk away from our husband than it is from our girlfriends.  Maybe, just maybe, we should be looking for a true friend in our spouse, rather than Prince Charming.  After all, a lot of so-called Prince Charming’s are dressed as toads.  There’s a reason for that..just sayin’.

It’s a very simple, but sweet memory and one that I cherish.  A lot of things have transpired over these past ten years since Big Poppa gave me my ring, but  our friendship has remained constant.  He’s my hell and high water guy.

*This post is in response to the blog link up on Champagne to Crayons, a mash-up of Day 23: A Special Day, Day 24: Jewelry and Day 26: A Memory, Celebrating 28 days of Thanks. If you would like to read more posts from my fellow bloggers, click here.

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  1. i LOVE this. it’s so true–marriage is HARD work sometimes but there is no one i would rather have next to me navigating the ‘hell’ and ‘high waters’ of life. and the good times too 😉 thanks for the reminder to work on our friendship as much as anything else.

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