My Daily Indulgence


Do you have something that you indulge in daily?  Every day is kind of excessive, I know, but it can be something small.  A piece of chocolate (or six pieces of chocolate)?  Ten minutes of solitude?  If you can pull that off, I’m jealous.  Is your workout your sanity saver?  What do you do that is just for you and feels special?

This is my indulgence.

I love coffee!

I love coffee!

 Actually, it’s not really the coffee, but most of the time it’s what it represents.  It’s waking up extra early to a silent house, making a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise from my kitchen window.  It’s my morning treat after dropping the girls off at school and starting my errands.  It’s sitting down with my favorite super sized coffee mug and doing some late night writing or blogging.  It’s grabbing an iced Americano, decaf, with three pumps classic and one pump vanilla with cream (Yes!  It’s that serious) after a day of shopping with one of my friends and being silly on the way home.  It’s (this is my favorite), taking a cup to Big Poppa and sitting in his office and talking the night away.  It’s all good!  So, friends, when I tell you that I am having a cup of coffee, please know that I am in a happy place.


  *This post was written in response to the blog link up on Champagne to Crayons, Day 18: A Daily Indulgence, Celebrating 28 days of Thanks.If you would like to read more posts from my fellow bloggers, click here.

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