I think this graphic says it all.


 I have said this before, but reading the comments on blog posts and internet articles is by far my least favorite part of blogging.  I read a lot and in fact believe that if I’m going to do this job well, I have to stay connected to what’s going on in the blogosphere.  I am constantly amazed and disheartened by the tone that many people take when they are hidden anonymously behind a computer screen.  And, I am convinced that most people would think twice before saying these same things face to face.

Why are we so quick to judge and to attack?  Why do we always need to be right?   Whatever happened to giving someone the benefit of the doubt? Disagreements are fine and a healthy debate is good.  If you pay attention to the other party, you just might learn something. However, disparaging remarks, name calling and pointlessly antagonizing each other is so unnecessary and fruitless.  After all, isn’t our goal to be better?  Shouldn’t we be expecting the best from each other and in turn giving each other our best? 

If we all had a more charitable spirit, I think we would choose our words more carefully.  We would take our time and think about our response before we hit the first key on the keyboard.  We would remember that life is far more complicated than what is conveyed in a blog post and rarely are things as black and white as what we read on a computer screen.  Just a thought.

*This post is a mash-up of Day 14: Life Lesson and Day 15: Charity  on Champagne to Crayons’ 28 Days Celebrating Thanks.  If you would like to read more posts by my fellow bloggers, click here.

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  1. I’m sorry that reading the comments has become so unpleasant for you. On many blogs I have seen less than fruitful discussion (and some downright nastiness), but I’ve been fortunate so far, to have incredible feedback from very decent human beings on my own blog. I hope some of them find and read your blog.

    • Actually, the people on this blog have been awesome. However, when I’m reading other blogs and web pages, It’s so disheartening. I know that blogging is really putting yourself out there and taking a chance but, you’re right, people can be downright nasty. Thank you for being so kind.

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