Mommy and Me


My youngest daughter, Thing 2, fancies herself to be an artist.  She loves to draw, color, paint and she’s actually pretty good.  I’m being totally objective.  Her paintings usually involve lots of flowers and colorful rainbows, but her favorite subject is me.  The drawing below is my absolute most favorite to date.

Thing 2's "Mommy & Me"

Thing 2’s “Mommy & Me”

And it’s not just because I have crazy long eye lashes and I’m super skinny.  It’s because we are so happy!  The sun is shining, those artsy butterflies are flying about, the grass is green and the flowers are blooming.  Look how close together we are standing in relation to everything else in the drawing.  In her interpretation, when we are together, all is right with the world.  That is huge!  There are some days when I think I’m getting this parenting thing all wrong.  When she accuses me of being mean because I make her eat veggies.  I’m sometimes impatient.  I yell too much.  I blog too much.  I rush too much.  I convince myself that I need to be better.  Then she gives me this and somehow it’s enough to let me know that things are not as bad as I think they are.  I actually might be enough.

Right now her artwork is on my bedside table.  I look at it when I wake up in the morning and just before I go to bed.  It’s a reminder that, at least for Thing 2, I’m getting something right.  I can only hope that this phase doesn’t pass too quickly because I love being her muse.

*This post is in response to the writing prompt, Day 11: A Photo You Are Thankful For, 28 Days of Celebrating Thanks on Champagne to Crayons. To read posts by my fellow bloggers, click here.

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  1. This is beautiful. And you are so right. No one can put a value on mothering. How do you put a value on a beating heart?

    Thanks for your post.

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