November Blessings


Hello Novemeber

Despite all of the dire severe weather warning of the past few days, Halloween was a smashing success!  The rain finally stopped around 2:00 in the afternoon, that Texas sunshine came through and by the time that the girls and I went out, it was perfect weather for trick-or-treating.  Of course, Big Poppa was waiting for us to come home so he could “check” (read “eat”) the candy.  Safety first, you know…what a guy. Thing 1 and Thing 2 had their obligatory 4 pieces of candy each (Thing 1 can’t count, she had at least 6), took their bath and the subsequent sugar crash.  Afterward, they fell fast asleep probably dreaming of still more candy.  Hope Big Poppa didn’t “check” all of it before  morning.

So, now we turn our attention to November.  I love, love, love November and not just because it’s my birth month…and my son’s birth month…and my husband’s birth month.  No. The reason that I love November is Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the year.  It’s the one holiday that I’m not required to spend a lot of money on gifts; I get to spend time with the people that I love the most; there’s fantastic food; and best of all, I am almost compelled to think about all of those things that make me thankful just to be me.  In fact, it’s my love of Thanksgiving that makes me so annoyed when Halloween is barely over and out come the Christmas trees.  Heck, we’re lucky if we don’t see Christmas lights before the jack-o-lanterns make it to the garbage!  I like to savor every moment of November and let December wait it’s turn.

I have recently stumbled upon a blog called Champagne To Crayons where new mom Nicole Mildren blogs about motherhood, life and all of the stuff that comes along with it.  You should definitely check it out, but for the next 28 days, Nicole will be hosting a blog link up entitled “A Celebration of Thanks: 28 days of Celebrating What You Are Thankful For.”   Considering how I feel about Thanksgiving, you know that I’m all in.  Of course, this will require me to write every day for 28 days, which scares me, but I certainly have 28 things (and more) to be grateful for in my life.

I think that if most of us took the time to really think about it, we could all find things, both big and small, that would qualify as blessings.  Things for which we should be eternally thankful.  For instance, I consider myself truly blessed when in the middle of a pounding thunderstorm, I find a parking space at the grocery store right in front of the door.  Or when Thing 1 manages to come out untouched my Thing 2’s bout with the flu. Blessed!  Likewise, I didn’t realize just how big of a blessing it was this summer that my husband got to spend so much time with his father during our vacation until his dad died three weeks after we returned home.  Yes, blessings great and small.  I could go on and on and I’m sure that you could, too.   The thing is that unless we experience the seemingly miraculous,  all too often these daily blessings go unnoticed and we get stuck in the monotonous grind of our lives and..well, you know how it goes.  I recently wrote about finding joy in the sometimes mundane routine of our daily lives (you can read it here) and I believe as with counting your blessings, it is a conscious decision to humble ourselves and just be grateful for the lives that we have.  Joy and gratitude go hand in hand and think of all of the things that we routinely miss by not drinking it all in.  Yes, I’m looking forward to the daily writing prompts in this twenty-eight day challenge because I’m looking forward to focusing on the practical reality of Thanksgiving. Counting my blessings one day at a time.

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  1. Awesome post luv!! So glad to have you joining in with me and can’t wait to read our posts everyday and go through this challenge together!

  2. Yes, I love November and Thanksgiving too. It is the best holiday. Always celebrated at my Parent’s home with loads of family and friends. Waking up to the aroma of sautéed onions, celery and sage for the sufffing was just the best. Not to mention the pies. All 12 of them no matter how many guests were coming for dinner. It is sad that so many people seem to want to rush through this truly American holiday to get to Christmas. So, I’ll be savoring November right along with you my friend.

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