The Art of Listing




I’m going to tell you a (not so big) secret about myself:  I love making lists!  I make lists for everything and I actually get excited when I realize that I need to make a list. It makes me sound like I’m really organized, but it’s compartmentalized organization so, not so much.  Anyway, this morning after I made my second cup of coffee, I sat down to make my Tuesday To Do List.  Normally I would have done this on Monday night before bed but, I was so distraught over Christina Milian being kicked off Dancing With the Stars that I couldn’t get my act together.

Anyway, on to my Tuesday list, which can look a lot like a Monday list or a Wednesday list because some items can be shuffled from day-to-day, except for the stuff that I lose interest in and drop altogether.   Like,  “Take Big Poppa’s shirts to the cleaners.”  I put that on a Monday list once  and I had every intention of doing it. The first day, Monday, I left them in the chair in our bedroom and forget to take them with me.  So, I moved them to the dining room chair for Tuesday  morning, now making it a Tuesday list item.  I walked right past them on the way out of the door and forgot them, again.  So, I placed them in the trunk of the van because I was sure that this would help me remember them on Wednesday.  Nope. Forgot them again…for two days.  By this time, which would be Friday morning, he was expecting his shirts back and went into the closet looking for them.  I wanted to lie, but I couldn’t think of one fast enough so, I pointed him to the back of the van.  He took them himself  and  I never put that on the list again.  Fail!  I said that I like making lists, but I didn’t say that I’m good at executing them.

I create a grocery list (which of course comes from the menu list for the week  – bonus!), a Target list (which really only has a couple of things on it, but produces so much more), a Home Goods list (Yes, it’s a separate weekly  list. Don’t judge me!) and an errands list, which may or may not get done (see paragraph above).  Let’s not forget the Things to Do/Get for the Kids list and the Reasons Why I Need to Go to the Mall list.  Additionally I have lists for blog topics, things I need to do for the girl’s school, vacation ideas…it never ends.  They’re on my desk,  next to my bed, in my purse – my lists are spawning lists. Funny how when I’m writing them I feel so in control but, obviously that’s not really true.  My favorite list to make is definitely the List of Pros and Cons for any project that I’m working on.  Nothing can go wrong with that…NOTHING!  Now people are telling me that I need to make a Bucket List.  I tried once, but I didn’t find it very enjoyable.  Somehow, a list of things that I want to do before I die doesn’t hold the same appeal since I have no control over when I die.  I will just stick with the stuff that I can control  and let Big Poppa handle taking stuff to the dry cleaners.  

How about you?  Are you a obsessive list maker?

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