Back Together Again

Together again!

Together again!

They haven’t gone to the same school for a few years.  Thing 1 was age  four and Thing 2 was age two and they were both in pre-school at the time.  Both sisters have been waiting for this day for two years and it finally came today.  I tried to stay out of their way and let them have their fun, they giggled a lot and talked and planned.  Big Sissy gave advice to Little Sissy, who promptly tossed it aside and decided to do things her way (My girl!).  There were no tears and once they reunited after school it was non-stop talking and comparing notes.  I listened, asked a few questions but, mostly listened.  I learned a few things like:

  • The first day of gym is boring because all you do is listen to the rules about playing gym.  It’s gym…who needs rules in gym?
  • Thing 1 saw at least three – yes! three! – One Direction back packs and A LOT of One Direction t-shirts being worn by girls her age.  This means that Mommy (that would be yours truly) obviously doesn’t know that it is in fact NOT inappropriate for young girls to have One Direction on their clothes and backpacks!  I stand corrected.
  • Since we are talking about backpacks, apparently Teen Beach Movie is the most popular backpack in school and Mommy (again, that would be me) should have known that and bought each of them a Teen Beach Movie backpack!  I am so lame.
  • Apparently, there is a kindergarten boy who comes after you and actually…SQUEEZES…YOU…TO…DEATH! Thing 2 got this from a very reliable source, another kindergartener who said that it had happened to her last year (gasp)! Obviously, this is questionable since the child is alive to tell about it.
  • Lunch was definitely the coolest thing that happened all day!

Notice that there was no mention of their teachers or any actual work being done?  I did and I inquired but, I was met with blank stares.  Never mind. I must admit that my favorite part of the day was watching them just be happy being together.  Any parent of siblings as close together as 18 months can tell you that these happy tranquil scenes are often far and few between.  I missed them while they were both gone today.  I have to admit that it’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s a good thing.

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  1. Fun, my kids went to school only for a year or two together. They are four years apart now and go to two different schools. And it will be a few more years before he goes to school.

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