My, How Time Flies!


I am flying high fresh off of BlogHer ’13 and my head is swimming with so many ideas and fresh insight into the blogosphere.  I had a great time and I will tell you more but, I think that it requires its own dedicated post.  However, this morning, in the middle of reflecting on my crazy-busy week, I realized that I have lost track of time, like the day of the week and the date. That’s when it occurred to me that it was exactly one year ago today – July 28, 2012 – that the girls and I boarded a plane and left Chicago to join Big Poppa in Texas.  At times it seems like the longest, but fastest year of my life.

So, you know that I’ve been doing my fair share of whining about the move this past year.  Okay, more than my fair share, probably more like enough whining for three or four people but, that’s not the point.  Therefore, I think that you will be surprised that I have actually found 10 things (yes, 10!)  that I actually like about living in Texas.  To all of my Texas peeps, I don’t want to hear “I told you so!”  Y’all ready?

10.  It’s true…it does cost A LOT less over all to live in Texas.  While there is a trade – off, I must admit that I do like having a little more money in my pocket.

9.   Sprinkler systems! They’re everywhere! No more schlepping around the hose or hooking up the rotating sprinkler then having to go out to move it to the back yard.

8.  Expressway turnarounds…GENIUS!  If you take the wrong exit when going down the expressway (btw, there are A LOT of expressways) simply take the lane that will take you immediately under and around to get back on heading in the opposite direction.  Love them! Not that I get lost often…IJS.

7. Halloween! 85 degrees, no coats covering the costumes, great parties, beautifully decorated houses. 🙂


5.  Swimming in backyard pools on Christmas Eve.  Weird, but fun!

4.  Produce. Wonderful and delicious year round.

3.  Freshest and best beef that I have ever tasted.  Of course, it’s too expensive for me to buy regularly, which makes no sense what so ever since I pass cattle farms whenever I leave my house, but best ever.

2. Never have to wait for the water in the shower to warm up, especially in the summer months.  It comes on hot.

…..and my number one thing to like about living in Texas is….drum roll please…….


I have come a long way in a year!  Aren’t you proud of me? 🙂

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  1. This is too funny! Especially since I know how awfully cold the winters are in Chicago. I wish that I could go swimming during winter holidays and not have to wait for the shower to get warm. Glad you are settling in.

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