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I have been sitting here at my computer for hours trying to come up with something to blog about.  A number of topics have gone through my head in the past few days, but none of them really captured my attention or made me feel like I wanted to spend a couple of hours writing about it.  I surfed the web, did some shopping, bought some cute shoes, got an iced coffee…nothing.  Listened to some music  – a little India Arie, Adele, Ray Charles…nothing.  I read a piece by this up and coming new writer who just happens to be my son and although it was very good… still nothing.  I have no idea what is wrong with me.  It’s not just writer’s block because there are plenty of topics that I could carry on a discussion about, I just don’t want to.  I don’t want to talk about my kids or how I haven’t worked out in weeks (and I REALLY don’t want to hear your response to I haven’t worked out in weeks).  I don’t want to talk about my relationships and I don’t want to talk about food – eating it or preparing it.  I definitely do not want to talk about some silly thing some celebrity did this week or some political rant from the Right or the Left.  It’s all dead to me.

What’s left?  I’d say that I’m suffering from a lack of inspiration.  A reader just sent me an e-mail (well, not just sent the e-mail, it was actually a couple of days ago) asking me what inspires me. Good question?  Let me think…honestly, there are a number of things.  People whose talent comes out of nowhere really inspire me.  My mother has an old friend who is well into her 90’s now but, still an amazing woman.  She’s an inventor and artist (painter) and was a real renaissance woman back in the day.    Especially at a time when African-American women were so unappreciated for such raw talent and intelligence.  She and people like her inspire me.  My children, each of them inspire me in different ways: Mr. C is an example of how deep still waters can really run; J sets out to make her dreams come true; Baby Boy is the epitome of hope; Thing 1 is sheer strength (of will and body) personified; and Thing 2 is unbridled enthusiasm.  Those five people can make my heart and mind soar.

Oh!  You know who else inspires me?  J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) and Toni Morrison (Song of Solomon, Beloved and The Bluest Eye).  Two very different writers from very different backgrounds, but both with an amazing gift to take words and paint the most beautifully vivid and detailed pictures.  I read their books and I feel as if I am standing in the room with them.  I can hear the sounds, taste the flavors and smell the aromas.  My heart pounds with suspense and my tears fall in grief right along with the characters.  It’s as if I know them and we are old friends.  Such unbelievable talent!  Yes, they inspire me.

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Life.  Life itself inspires me.   On most days (maybe not today) I can find something no matter how small to remind me of God’s amazing grace and mercy. Like the sound of children’s laughter, a long awaited soaking rain or a smile and a kind word from a stranger.  That is truly inspiring.

Tell me, what inspires you?

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  1. I am reading Toni Morrison’s Home – it is beautifully written. I am inspired by people who speak up, especially when it is out of their comfort zone. As for blog inspiration, I try to listen to my gut and write about something that feels honest and important to me. xo

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