A Visit to the Hardware Store


Shortly after I moved to Texas I met a lovely woman at a party and we started chatting about things that ladies chat about when they move into a new house, specifically decorating.  She was giving me some tips on where to shop around town when she said,

“Have you been to the Ace Hardware over on Mason?”

“Uh, noooo,” because nothing that I had said indicated that I was fixing or building anything.  I like to decorate but, I’m not a big DIY person.  Neither is Big Poppa.

I guess the look on my face said it all because she said “Trust me.  You have to go to Ace.”

Yea, right.  I figured that hardware store decorating must be a Texas thing but, us girls from up North don’t do that.  I ignored her advice for a while but then, one day I was out in that end of town with some time to spare and thought I’d stop in to look around. That and I needed some hooks to hang some art work.


This is the Ace Hardware on Mason Road in Katy.

Pretty normal and totally unexciting.  However….

candles, scarves, lotions

candles, scarves, lotions

this is what I found when I walked inside.

And this…20130610_105702 20130610_105717 20130610_105620

Wait!  There’s more!

20130610_105932 20130610_110105 20130610_11101220130610_112555

Speechless!  I was speechless.  It’s beautiful, high-end merchandise in an Ace Hardware store.  At first I was confused and then it dawned on me that this is pure marketing genius.  Think about it, no matter what the home improvement project, the wife is the one to go to the store.  She determines what she wants and hubby does it or, as in my case, the hubby pays someone to do it. Here, because of the layout, you have to walk through all of this fabulousness to get to the actual hardware.  I haven’t personally seen the hardware because I never seem to make it past the front of the store but, rumor has it that it’s there, along with a postal station.

On my most recent visit to Ace to take pictures for this post (and to shop!), I met Donna.  Donna is the Gift & Gourmet Department Manager and a buyer for the store.  Also, she is now my new best friend! Did I mention that they have a gourmet foods department?  Yes, you can actually buy gourmet chocolates and coffee to enjoy while you browse, as well as other food items.

20130610_105954 20130610_111243 20130610_112342

Donna was kind enough to explain to me some of the marketing concept behind the store as well as some of the new holiday merchandise to look forward to this year.  They have some of the most unique and beautiful Halloween and Christmas decor that I have ever seen.  I can’t wait!  Donna also sold me a couple of items too, but I need to keep that on the down low because I don’t think that Big Poppa has noticed yet.

So, if you live in the area, or are visiting the area, or are planning to visit the area, go to Ace Hardware Cinco Ranch on Mason Road in Katy!  I know of nowhere else that you can buy a pretty dress, blinged out flip flops, some candles for your powder room, a super cute belt, gourmet foods, some new mixing bowls and a wall clock (oh, yea, and a hammer, if you must) in one stop.  Most of all, it’s all FABULOUS!  You will have to choose what gets to go home with you because you’ll want to take it all.   It is truly one of my favorite stores on the planet, because it’s such a pleasant shopping experience and there is always something that you “must have”.  Thanks to you, Donna, this northern girl is a convert!

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  1. That’s awesome! Ben’s grandpa used to buy all his grandma’s jewelry (real stuff!) at his local hardware store. Another marketing genius-guys want to go to hardware stores and will do anything to stay out of a jewelry store!

  2. We also have several Ace Hardware stores in our city and I have to say it’s one of my favorite stops. I think its the idea of finding something you never expected to find in a hardware store that adds to the excitement 😉

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