Random Thoughts – Volume 2



The recital is OVER!  I’m ecstatic!  It was probably the cutest ballet presentation of Peter Pan ever but, the build up has been exhausting.  Hours of rehearsals, costume alterations and finally, today’s performance.   I’m fried and so is my brain.  After we came home this evening I was going through all of the accumulated junk in my purse and I came across several pieces of paper with blog topics written on them (Yes, you would think that I would keep a small notebook or something like that in my purse for just this type of thing but, I think that I told you about my aversion to organization, no?) and thought that it was time for one of my random thought posts because I just couldn’t let any of them go.  The good news is that all of these thoughts center around this past week  (because it was so long and crazy) so there may be some common thread but, I seriously doubt it.

Random Thought #1:  This morning, as my husband and I stood waiting to go into church this really cute elderly fellow approaches and introduces himself.  He says that he lives alone and looks forward to getting out on the weekend to meet people.  We chat for a while, say our goodbyes and he starts to walk off, then suddenly turns around comes back and says “I want you two to pray for me because I’m looking for a girlfriend.”  Yes, you read that correctly.  I thought he was going to say that he was ill or something but, no, he was looking for a lady friend to spend time with.  Surprised, my husband and I started to laugh and Big Poppa says that in a church the size of ours, there must be several eligible ladies around his age, to which he replies “Yes, there are but for some reason I’m not attracting their attention.”  We assured him that we would indeed pray for him and he wished us a good day.  So, if any of you have an eligible grandma, great-aunt or family friend, send them my way.  Too funny, but very sweet!

Random Thought #2:  This week we learned that the NSA (National Security Agency) was secretly gathering information and or listening to cell phone calls of private citizens that may or may not be connected to any known national security threat.  Admittedly, at first I was a bit taken aback, after all this is an invasion of privacy.  I certainly don’t want anyone to know all of the salacious details of my private life. Then, after I considered what my private phone calls (and my life) really consist of, not just in my dreams,  I realized that the person who gets stuck listening to my phone calls will either be sleep or making a list of all of the stores with the best sales.  Who am I kidding?  Like my husband says, we live a very G-rated life, complete with a Disney soundtrack .  So, if the government wants to hear me whisper to my husband during our lunch time phone call “What do you want for dinner, baby?”  “Ooohhh, why don’t you whip up some of those pork chops,” he coos in response, then go right ahead.  Which brings me to…

Random Thought #3:  Have you noticed recently how completely insane people are?  One of my least favorite things to do as a blogger is to read the comments section on articles or posts that I’m reading because inevitably there is at least one person who loses his or her complete mind.  Straight crazy!  They’re combative, argumentative and down right insulting and it doesn’t matter the topic…there they are!  I was reading a Facebook post from Macy’s about fashion.  Plain and simple, nothing controversial at all unless you don’t like the colors Kelly green and  Sunshine yellow together or don’t know what the must have accessories are this summer.  I skimmed down the comments list (dangerous, I know) and there it was, someone jumped in with a rant about how they used to work for Macy’s and then went on a personal tirade against the “chain-smoking drag queen” – HER WORDS, NOT MINE – that was her boss and how she was fired and Macy’s sucked.  Of course, this only prompted several other people to agree and/or disagree in equally derogatory vernacular.  Yep. There are people out there who go to websites or fan pages of organizations that are in direct conflict with their own personal beliefs just to post nasty comments.  Why? Again, straight crazy!  If you want to witness something intensely sad, read the comments under a post or article on religion, politics or race.  You will walk away dismayed but, also, convinced that most people belong in a straight jacket.  Which brings me to…

Random Thought #4:  As long as I live and am the grocery shopper in the house, I will have at least one box of Cheerios in my pantry.  I’m not necessarily a fan of the taste of Cheerios (my girls are) but, kudos to General Mills for standing strong in the face of hatred.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, Cheerios recently ran a You Tube commercial that featured an American family composed of a white mother, black father and their bi-racial daughter.  If you want to watch the commercial, go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYofm5d5Xdw.  The spot caused such a racial backlash that the company had to disable the comments section on the video.  So much for a post-racial America, right?  The good news is that the support for the company and advertisement has outweighed the negatives.  The thing is, folks, we can all have our own opinions on a variety of topics but, that doesn’t mean that we can be nasty to one another.  There is always a way to state your opinion graciously and respectfully.  If not, saying nothing works, too.

And finally, I will close with this…

A fellow blogger that I like to read over at  Chasing A Daredevil & Twins  wrote a post entitled “My Life in 10 Phrases”  (http://chasingadaredevilandtwins.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/my-life-in-10-phrases/.   I thought that it was fun so here goes:

1. Stop touching her!

2. Why are you crying (now)?

3.  Yes, you look very fashionable. 🙂

4. No, I don’t know where your shoes (library books, pencils, back pack, etc.) are.

5. No, you can not have a puppy.

6. Hello beautiful girl!

7. I NEED to stop at Starbucks!

8. Please pick up your toys!

9. Has anyone seen my phone/ the remote?

10. I love you!

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