Too Many Transgressions to Count


Big Poppa’s home!  Just in time for a busy week here in his kingdom (it’s really more like my “queendom” but, I don’t like to rub it in) then he’s off again.  I tell you, if I had his life, I’d be posting all kinds of updates from exciting and glamorous locations around the globe but, alas, you will have to settle for my updates from the local Target, Home Goods and Kroger.   I am happy to see him but, due to some rather unfortunately long shipping delays, he is going to become aware of some of my shopping transgressions and well, let’s just say that I’ve been rather naughty.  Discussions will ensue and well….”sigh”.  I promise that I will do better…really.

Which brings me to another topic where I promise to do better – exercise.  This is where I must fall prostrate before you and beg for your forgiveness.  I have completely fallen off of the “Fitness Wagon” and for the past two weeks eaten what ever I want and done absolutely no exercise. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed.  I’m sorry! I could blame it on changes to my schedule, or having a house guest for a few days, or that my cutest work out clothes were in the laundry but, they really are just excuses.  I have fallen off my game and it is mea maxima culpa. I promise that tomorrow morning I will be back in the gym, and every day this week through Thursday.  I do have a very legitimate reason for missing Friday but, you will have to wait until next weekend to find out what it is.  I also promise that I will go back to eating better.  No more chips, no more brownies, no more sweet tea (that one is very difficult for me).  Although, keep in mind that I am in the process of writing a recipe for a pineapple/apricot filled cupcake and that will involve some taste testing so, cut me some slack, okay?

By the way, did I tell you that Big Poppa surprised me with a tin of Garrett’s Popcorn when he returned? And it was “Chicago Mix”  which is cheese popcorn mixed with caramel popcorn.  Soooo gooood!  Now, if you know anything at all about Chicago, you know that Garrett’s is the absolute best popcorn…in the world…ever!  I don’t even eat other gourmet popcorn because everything else is just a poor imitation.  He got home at midnight and yes, the moment he pulled it from his bag, I sat down, opened the tin and began eating.  It’s cheesy and caramely and probably full of lots of fat and calories.  I didn’t care.  I have a list of all of the restaurants that I’m going to visit when I go back to Chicago for vacation and Garrett’s is at the top of that list.  In fact, I probably won’t make it out of the airport before my fingers are all yellow and cheesy.  He remembered this (probably because I have said it like 400 times since we moved) and brought it to me as a token of his affection.  A “Thinking of You” gift.  He’s perfect.  I ate a bit then left the tin on the kitchen counter.  This morning the girls saw it and begged to have it for breakfast.  I gave them the evil eye and told them that  maybe they could have a little bit after church.  Just a little!  Well, after church they got the tin to have their “little bit” and this is what was left:


Yep, they wiped out all of my delicious popcorn and a piece of Chicago – home – in less than 20 minutes.  I should have been grateful for all of the calories that they saved me but, instead, I could barely speak to them. I find their lack of self-control and respect for my popcorn to be terribly upsetting.  Although, it does make it easier for me to think of getting back on the straight and narrow path toward my next pair of reward shoes at the end of my next 10 pound loss.  Not getting rid of the tin though.  I want to hold on to those sweet, albeit brief, memories.

So, please forgive me and cheer me on as I try to get back on track.  I need all of the encouragement that I can get.  Oh, and make sure that you check back on Wednesday’s food blog.  I will be announcing the details of my very first give-away just in time for Mother’s Day.  Oh, and if it wouldn’t be asking too much, can you scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Like” on my Facebook page? It would sure make this girl feel good.  Thank you!

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