Monday, Monday


So, it looks like tonight is going to be one of those nights that I have no idea what I am blogging about until I sit down and start typing.  I tried focusing on a topic several times during my day but, to be fair, I had a lot going on.  Plus, I don’t like to pin myself to a topic too soon because what if something really interesting happens during my day.  I know, that’s not very likely but, one can only hope.  So, as I sit here, letting my mind spin, wanting to go get another piece of pound cake, looking at the pictures on my walls and still wanting to get another piece of pound cake, it occurs to me that I should really click out of this and do some internet shopping.  Believe me, nothing releases your creativity like a good dose of shopping. I think that I should clarify that I don’t actually buy all of the stuff I put in my cart.  In fact, I usually don’t buy any of the stuff that I place in my cart.  It’s really the process that does the trick.   I have no idea why this works, it just does.  Odd? You think?

I think what’s wrong here is that it’s Sunday night and I’m looking at another Monday morning chock full of little girl drama and I’m just not feeling it.  Since the time change, no one is happy to get up in the morning and now that it’s still dark outside, my girls don’t understand that it really is morning.  So, it usually goes something like this:

“Mommy, something woke me up and I can’t get back to sleep.”

“Well, that’s because it’s actually time to get up.”

“No, it’s not.  It’s still dark outside.”

“It’s still time to get up”

“NO! NO, NO, NO!!! I’M TIRED AND I DON’T WANT TO GET UP IN THE DARK!” and she dissolves into tears.  This is one of the girls, not me, although I am so tempted to do this.

I can’t explain the tears but, I can tell you that after about the third time this happens, you are way over it.

I keep wanting to tell my children that they have the unfortunate reality that they are numbers four and five of our children so I am not a new and easily shaken mother.  I’m sure that it would go better (at least in their eyes) if at these moments, I would scoop them up into my bed and let them snuggle with me for a few minutes longer but, that’s just not where I am at this point in my motherhood career.  Now I’m in the “suck it up and deal with it” phase.  You know, so that we don’t have to sprint down the street just to make it to school on time, all because they didn’t like getting up while it was still dark outside?

It’s not that I’m less patient, it’s more that my “Drama Sensor”  has become far more accurate over the years.  When I was a new mom, I was full of angst and worry.  Everything was a major decision (cloth vs. disposable diapers or Princeton v. Harvard? These were important decisions!) and took years (okay, not really years, but you know what I mean) of research.  I didn’t want to leave anything to chance and what would happen if I made a mistake? Not to mention that I certainly would have never allowed my sweet precious boy to cry knowing that he was just so tired and all could be made better if I would just snuggle with him for a few minutes.  Now that I’m older, and hopefully wiser, I realize that a) I’m going to make mistakes, b) some things are just not that important and c) sometimes they just want to weasel their way into your bed.  Their job is to wear you down!

Don’t believe me? Then, you’re a newbie because all of us old timers are already aware of their game.  I know that it’s hard to believe but, that precious little love that you snuggle in your arms, with a perpetual case of bed head, that smells like sweet slobber and puckers when you rub her under her lips while she’s asleep is actually a manipulative mastermind.  And if you’re not careful, you will fall hopelessly under her spell while she makes you believe that 30 seconds in your bed will provide her with enough comfort and security to sail through her day with confidence.  Don’t fall for it!  Mainly because once they are in your bed, it will be really hard for you to get up because they smell so good and they are so soft and cuddly.  Not to mention that they are really good at transferring their manipulative prowess into other areas.  Today, it’s sleeping in your bed. Tomorrow? More television time.  And the next day…new jeans from Justice.  It will never end.

So, yes, I am pretty sure that my case of writer’s block stems from my reluctance to face yet another Monday morning of little girl drama. In a perfect world, Thing 1 and Thing 2 will awaken refreshed and excited to start a new day no matter how dark it is outside.  They will greet me with cheery smiles and big, warm hugs and we will walk happily to school  eager to learn something new.  I know that I’m reaching here but, please humor me, after all, anything is possible, right?

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