What?!?! Another Change to Facebook?!


I guess that you’ve heard by now that Facebook is going to institute some changes to their news feed very soon.  I really don’t care personally but, what does tickle me are the reactions of  people, usually on Facebook, to the changes that have been made.  Quite honestly, nothing seems to bring about such a raucous response like changes to Facebook.  Banks can charge higher ATM fees, cities can privatize their parking and charge outrageous fees just park our cars and North Korea can threaten the United States with nuclear weapons (which actually happened within the past day or so) but, nothing can put a burr in our saddles quite the way a change to our favorite social media outlet can.  By the way, did you catch that Texas jargon there (“burr in the in our saddles”)?  I think I’m getting the hang of this! Anyway, as I was saying, regardless of our declarations of being fed up with the changes, we are all there on Facebook.

Most of the people who I know have a Facebook page, including me and, this is certainly not an  anti-Facebook post.  I love Facebook, or FB as I like to refer to it, and I would surely wither and wilt without it.  Like most of you, it’s how I keep in touch with my family and friends who are far away.  It’s how I share the things that interest me most with others and how I spend countless minutes just checking out what’s going on in the world.  Not to worry, I really don’t take most of what I see on FB too seriously because if I did, I would probably be irritated, confused or angry all of the time.  I find that people will say just about anything on the internet because some how, the absence of a face provides a lot of bravado.  Well, except for a woman who is over 40 and either pregnant or approaching/ going through menopause.  We may say anything, to anyone, at anytime.  You have been warned.    However, I am anticipating a few giggles as people awaken one morning and find that the format that they have grown accustomed to has morphed into something unfamiliar and new.

Change.  We don’t like change and really, that’s what all of the FB whining is about. Let’s face it, it took us a while (some of us longer than others) to learn to maneuver around the computer and internet and now, we have to do it again.  The audacity!  But, everything changes, doesn’t it?  Remember the “new” math versus  the “old” math? I didn’t catch on to the “old” math until late in the game so  the “new” math was problematic for me.  Not to mention, why exactly did we need “new” math when the “old” math worked just fine?  Ironically, change is one of the few constants in our lives.  So, why do we fight it so? I mean, wouldn’t it be easier to learn to just roll with it?   Believe me, I don’t have an answer.  Remember that I’m the girl who just accepted that she moved seven months ago.

My five-year-old amazes me with how adeptly she handles anything electronic.  It’s almost instinctive.  Today, she handed me my iPad and asked me to type in  “dogs and puppies.”  I didn’t recognize the page and I asked her what she was doing.  “I want to watch dogs have puppies,” was her reply.  And that is what she did, for at least an hour and insisted that I watch, too.  I had no idea how to search these videos on YouTube and I had no idea that she did.  Also, I had no desire to watch puppies being born and sincerely hope that either she grows up to be a veterinarian or a doctor, or else this whole episode is going to be disturbing.   When I asked her who taught her how to search videos on You Tube she said “No one. I figured it out by myself.”  Children are the most risk averse, change embracing people.  Mainly because they just don’t know enough to be afraid.  If I handed Thing 2 that same iPad tomorrow and the You Tube search features had changed, she would just sit there and work on it until she could get back to her dogs having puppies videos.  I would have a nervous breakdown.

Change is good!  Change is good!  Well, it may or may not be good but, one thing is for certain, it is coming whether we like it or not.  In our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods, our governments, our churches and yes, to Facebook.  Even though we may not be able to actually embrace it, at least we should learn to not fight it.   Fighting it just seems to make it more painful in the end.  So the next time we are faced with some sort of change, big or small, perhaps we should all take a page out of Thing 2’s play book.  Take off your shoes (unless you are up north and there is snow because you could get frost bite and lose a toe) and run fearlessly toward it screaming “MY NAME IS…AND I BREATHE FIRE!”

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