Super Sunday!


I have this sign in my office that says “Enjoy the Simple Things” and I often look at it and think  “…I don’t do that enough.”   Then I move on with the busyness of my life. Well, today,I actually had the perfect kind of day where I did just that – I enjoyed the little things. I was reminded early this morning that not only is today the Super Bowl (or is it the “Souper” Bowl?  Stay tuned…), but also it is our baby boy’s 20th birthday.

IMG00437-20110819-1035  See this guy here?  This is Baby Boy.  Not so much of a baby any longer and I’m sure that he would bristle at the idea of me referring to him like that, but  a) he will always be our last born son, thus our baby boy and, b) it’s my blog so I can say pretty much what I want.  He is far away from us in proximity, but never very far from our minds and hearts.  We made sure that we called and interrupted his fun with friends to send our birthday wishes which were accompanied by the long-winded stories that only little sisters can tell.  I’m sure that he enjoyed them.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were almost as excited for the Super Bowl as their father.  After church we were thinking of going to a Super Bowl party that we had been invited to but, decided to watch it at home and have our own party.  Later the girls informed us that it really wasn’t a party after all because it didn’t have any music nor did it involve any games like Duck, Duck Goose! I never knew that Duck, Duck Goose was such a big hit at Super Bowl parties?! Turns out that the decision to stay home proved to be the key to being able to simply enjoy my family.

We washed my van.

20130203_152202 20130203_162303 20130203_162242 20130203_152135

I know that this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, but we have NEVER, EVER washed any of our cars our selves since we’ve been married.  When I was a kid we used to wash the family cars with my dad, but since then, I’m a car wash kind of girl. Today, even Mr. C Came out to help, which is a change since he usually tries to avoid us…and any sort of work.  I don’t know what got into me…blue skies, warm sunshine…who knows.  It was one of the most enjoyable afternoons that we’ve spent certainly since we got to Texas if not in our nearly 10 years as a family.  It seems that we are almost always watching the time and hurrying from one thing to another.  Or, we’re never in the same place and interested in doing the same things.  However, for whatever reason it all came together for us today and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Which brings me to the Super Bowl.  I won’t call it a party because there was no music, there was no Duck, Duck Goose and there were no chicken wings which makes it pretty much a FAIL as parties go.  The girls put on their spa wraps and lounged in our bedroom watching a High School Musical marathon when they realized that it wasn’t going to be their kind of shindig.  They emerged long enough to watch Beyonce and eat party food, sans wings, and decided that they were rooting for Mommy’s team and not Daddy’s team    ( ’cause I’ve got it like that).  Then they announced that they were tired and it was time for bed.  It was about that time when Thing 2 had to clear something up.  “Momma,” she said, “Why do they call it the Souper Bowl when it obviously has nothing to do with soup?”  “No, not souper as in s-o-u-p, but super…s-u-p-e-r like terrific,”  I replied.  She thought for a moment then said, “Really? That’s it? It’s just about football?”   “Yep. That’s it,” I responded.  “Who cares!!!” she said as she walked off.  So apparently she doesn’t care for football.  That’s ok, because today while she was riding around on her scooter and flinging dirty water everywhere, she kept yelling “BEST! DAY! EVER!” That’s all I needed.  That’s all that I ever need.



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