Excuses, Excuses….


Every year for as log as I can remember, at least since high school, one of my New Year’s resolutions has been to lose weight (I will pause for your collective sigh).  Sometimes I would phrase it as “getting fit” or “firming up” but, it was pretty much all the same.  In recent years I gave up making it an official resolution and simply made it a sensible goal.  Sometimes I confided in other people about my intentions, while in other years I kept it to myself  just in case a trip the Cheesecake Factory permanently derailed my good intentions. You know how it goes, one night out with the hubby and the next thing you know, you’re getting cozy with a bag of Oreos followed by nachos and margaritas with your BFF.  It’s a slippery slope.

Under the circumstances (you know, the move and all) this year I avoided the topic altogether.  It was pointless to think that I could tackle weight loss while adjusting to my new surroundings and life.  I may not have mentioned this before but, the whole “adjustment thing”  isn’t going well, sooo….anyway, no, not really looking for anything as stressful as trying to lose weight.  You know what else I realized, no mater what size I have been or how much I have weighed over the years, I have always thought that I was heavy and needed to lose weight.  My body image has pretty much been the same.  This realization saddened me and I think that it speaks volumes regarding women and society’s “beauty myth”.  However, that’s a topic for another time. Right now, it served as the perfect excuse NOT to change my ways regarding my health and fitness.

Enter my big sister.  She and her husband came down to spend New Years with us and she is  staying on for a couple of weeks.  She likes to exercise.  I mean, she REALLY likes to exercise.  In case you didn’t get what I was saying above, I don’t.  Never have and never will.  She’s all “fitnessy” and I’m not.  She’s into all of the new exercise trends and reads magazines like Shape and Self.  I look at those magazines while waiting in the check out line at the grocery store, then I put them back.  Too much guilt.  Unbeknown to me, she came here with a plan to get me on a fitness program.  Last night she mentioned that we were going to the YMCA in the morning.  We? I do have a membership but, that’s because it’s a family membership and …well…I’m part of this family but, other than dropping off my kids for Parent’s Night Out, I’ve never been in the joint.  However, knowing that my sister is not the type of person that takes “no” for an answer, I went with her and got some information on classes and the facilities. I complained a lot.  She ignored me.  I complained some more and finally she agreed that we could simply go  for a walk on a walking trail near my home.  Actually, it’s right across the street.  Another place that I had never been.

I hate to admit this but, I really enjoyed it.  We walked and talked.  We walked some more (she walks really fast).  I complained some more just to keep things realistic.  Truthfully, it was a beautiful morning and the ducks and hawks were out around the lake.  Made me wish that I had my camera with me.  Maybe next time.  Yes, I am anticipating a next time and not just because she’s going to make me.  I do need to exercise more and improve my diet.  Not just for my own benefit but, also for my daughters.  I really can’t expect them to develop good habits that I don’t subscribe to myself.  Once again, my sister has informed me that we are going to go exercise again tomorrow.  I’m going to start whining bright and early tomorrow morning but, I’m going to go.


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  1. I feel your pain on the exercise challenge. I don’t like it either but know that I need to if I don’t want to pay for it later when I am in my 70’s. Any exercise is good. Start off slow. Maybe try line dancing. You are in Texas!

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